It is absolutely necessary for all students to enrol as it secures your place in the class. Our classes are in demand. All existing students and their siblings have priority over new enrolling students.  There is a $5.00 holding fee per class to be paid with your enrolment.  This fee is then deducted from your Invoice for that Term. 

Once you have enrolled online via the website, an email will be forwarded to you confirming that your enrolment has been received. You will then need to wait for confirmation that your choices are available and have been confirmed.  Once you receive this you are ready to start!

Attendance & Discontinuing Classes

Please note there are no make up classes or no refunds if your child is absent from the studio.

If you miss three classes in a row without contacting us we shall assume you have discontinued unless told otherwise. If you are unwell or going on a holiday and will miss classes, please inform us by email so we can hold your place. It is your responsibility to ensure you notify us by email so you don’t lose your position in the class.

Please note you are still expected to pay your terms fees whilst on holiday. There are no reductions or discounts for holidays

If your child does not wish to continue a class it is your responsibility to inform us by email before the beginning of that Term. If you decide mid- term to withdraw your child from class you are committed to pay the full term fees.


Informing Miss Victoria and any other teachers verbally during class is not and will not be accepted. We require an email.


We hope you understand that these administrative approaches are necessary to ensure that the classes are well attended and that when we reserve places for students who do not turn up, or withdraw mid- term, the places are lost to others who want to take them up.

Waiting Lists

If the class you are interested in has no vacancy, you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified as soon as a space becomes available. Current students and sibling are given priority on the waiting list.




Parents please be aware that teachers only supervise students during class. Before and after class is your responsibility to supervise children.

Term Dates 2021

Term 1
Monday 1st Feb - Saturday 1st April


Term 2
Monday 19th April - Saturday 26th June


Term 3
Monday 12th July - Saturday 18th September


Term 4
Monday 5th October - TBC

Annual Concerts

Concerts are held at Hillsong Conference Centre Norwest.

All concert work will start from the beginning of Term 3. If your child is not going to participate in the Concert, we must be notified by email before the beginning of Term 3. You will still be required to pay your Term 4 fees and Costume Charges if you decide to withdraw your child at any stage during Term 4 as this causes major disruption to the class and teachers and the costs for the costumes would have already been incurred by the School.

We hold a separate concert for Tots, Juniors and Seniors.


It is mandatory for all children wishing to enroll in Acrobatics Classes to undergo an assessment of skill and capabilities prior to being placed into a group.  Please email Victoria to book this in.


Showgroup is by invitation only. This is an elite group of dancers who are chosen by Miss Victoria to represent In the Spotlight in Eisteddfods and Shows. The students are chosen because they have shown a constant high level of dance skills, dedication, motivation and enthusiasm in Class.


Fees for 2021 classes are as follows (GST included): 

All afternoon classes (45 mins): $14.00 per class 

Tiny Tot Combo (1 hour): $15.50 per class 


Invoices will be emailed to families at the beginning of each term. A text message will also be sent to notify you it has been emailed. If your fees are not paid by week 3 of Term you will incur a late fee automatically. Please cooperate and help us to get this process working smoothly and quickly.


Each family whose child/children attend 3 classes or more per week will receive a 10% discount per class for Terms 1, 2 and 3 from the third class and onwards. Discounts do not apply to Term 4 as it is not a full Term. If fees are not paid on time discounts will no longer apply and full fees will be charged thereafter.


All Newsletters are emailed to your nominated email address you give us at the time of enrolment.

Uniform Orders

We have a range of uniforms that will be available for viewing and ordering during class time at the commencement of Term 1 and Term 2. Uniforms must be paid for at the time of placing your order. We only accept cash or Credit Card.


All Students:
All students are expected to wear at least an ‘In The Spotlight’ top. Other items are optional.
NB: additional clothing that is not the uniform must be plain black and/or plain red only

Tiny Tots:

‘In The Spotlight’ leotard dress is compulsory. A crossover is optional. Skin colour dance stockings and/or black leggings are also optional in winter

Ballet Students:
It is compulsory to wear an In The Spotlight leotard with pink Ballet tights or short pink socks, and hair in a bun to class. Optional crossover in winter.

If you are a new student and are yet to purchase the ‘In The Spotlight’ uniform, please come dressed in comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement for your first few classes and whilst waiting for your order.

All uniforms will be available for ordering once dancing commences.


All hair should be neatly tied back and off the face so it is not a distraction.


**All shoes available from Bloch at Rouse Hill Town Centre. They have our shoe requirements listed in the shop.

If you are waiting to purchase shoes feel free to dance bare foot, unless you are doing tap or Hip Hop, then you must wear hard soled shoes until you purchase your correct dance shoes.

Tiny Tots Combo:
Pink leather ballet shoes with elastic (worn for both ballet and jazz) & tan tap shoes.

Pre Junior, Junior & Pre-intermediate – Tan Jazz shoes. (Split sole preferred)
Intermediate, Pre-Senior & Seniors – Black Jazz shoes. (Split sole preferred)

Pre Junior/Junior, Pre-intermediate/Intermediate – Tan Tap shoes
Pre-Senior/Seniors – Black Tap shoes

Pink leather ballet shoes with elastic. (Split sole preferred)

Hip hop:
White street shoes

Modern Expressive:
Pre Junior, Junior, Pre Intermediate – Pink leather ballet shoes with elastic. (Split sole preferred)

Intermediate, Pre Senior, Senior- Foot Thongs

No shoes required.

Tan or Black Elasta Bootie. (Please confirm shoe colour with Miss Victoria)

Second Hand Shoes

We have a second hand shoebox within the studio. If you would like to view the box, please see Miss Victoria in between classes.

If you have any pre-loved jazz, tap, or ballet shoes still in good condition and would like to try and sell them, please put them in a zip lock bag or tie them together with your child’s name, the cost, the colour and style of your shoes and your mobile number clearly labelled.

In the Spotlight whilst taking all care, accepts no responsibility if shoes/clothes are taken and money not handed in.


We give permission for staff or those authorized by the Principal to photograph students for promotional, internal purposes and/or studio website only.

At time of concert we encourage students to film the routines so they can practice at home.  This is purely for personal use only.


In the Spotlight is committed to respecting the privacy of its students in accordance with the National Privacy Act. Personal information may be used for internal purposes only.

Policy Manual